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About Diane Lees and her classes : Diane began practicing yoga more than 30 years ago; but, time and obligations took her away until she was almost 55! Coming back to the practice in late 2000, she decided to become a certified yoga instructor and began her 200-hour certification in the fall of 2002, with Jan Hauenstein at Try4Life..

Since then, she has taught literally thousands of class hours with students ranging in age from 8 to 80+.

Diane's style is characterized as traditional, Hatha Yoga emphasizing breathing, stretching, limbering, relaxation, and balance. The classes are open to men and women alike. Each practitioner is encouraged to work at his/her own level being mindful that yoga becomes your practice and should never result in pain or injury!

I look forward to practicing with you!

About Tina DiCillo and her classes:Tina's Monday night Hatha Yoga class usually starts with a discussion of yoga philosophy and a period of meditation followed by sun salutations. We then follow the theme of the class through various standing, balancing, seated and inverted poses. It is an all levels class in which everyone is encouraged to find and honor their appropriate level of practice. Emphasis is placed on the breath, alignment of the body and feeling the flow of energy. Tina encourages a spirit of community in which all the students in the class can express themselves, offer support to one another, grow and learn together in the practice of yoga on and off the mat. This class is for those who want to delve deeply into their bodies to discover how their patterns of muscular holding and tightness result in misalignments of the body. Get to know yourself from the inside out and live more freely in the body you have been gifted with for this lifetime!

Tina is also available for Reiki treatments as well as private, small group or 'yoga party' instruction. Please contact her for more details.

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Diane's Elimination Diet - (large pdf file)

Download Diane's CD - in mp3 format. (1 hour audio)

Do You Know Where Your Atoms Have Been?

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Class FAQs
Yoga for cycling
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Class Descriptions:

Hatha Yoga Classes:
75 minute class
Emphasizing: breathing, stretching, limbering, flexibility, balance, & strengthening

What to Bring

A yoga mat, blanket, yoga strap or a belt, and a cushion. You may use a towel or other floor covering, but will probably find a sticky mat a little more comfortable.

What to Wear

wear loose, comfortable clothing. Stretchy is good too! Bring socks, although you may find being barefoot easier for some postures. You will warm up, so you might want to wear a couple of layers.

What to Expect

expect to feel good when you leave! Yoga is the perfect prescription for mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. We will be using the breath, traditional yoga asanas (postures) along with vinyasa (flowing) sequences, and meditation-relaxation at the beginning and end of each class.

Women Specific

If you are pregnant, certain poses are not recommended at certain times during your pregnancy. I will recommend a prenatal yoga class or work with you to make certain you honor you and your baby's well-being during each trimester. If you are menstruating, I recommend that you skip practice or come prepared for restorative and gentle poses only.


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Yoga for Cycling:

Should yoga be used after cycling?

Here is what my teacher, Jan, says: "I believe that yoga is appropriate in every life style & it can only enhance. We awaken with tight muscles & body, so taking a tight body on a cycling adventure could be hazardous and cause injury. Stretching, limbering & warming the muscles prior & following would be beneficial & act as preventive medicine. And, a gentle routine following cycling along with a delicious soak in a hot tub or bath would be soothing to the muscles & body & likewise prevent injury & achy muscles."

Click here for a 30 minute sequence for cyclists as a pre-ride warm-up.


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Articles and links:

Yoga As Transformation (great article from Yoga Journal)
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