Daily Yoga Studio Etiquette

Daily Yoga Studio Etiquette


As a courtesy to other yogis and yoginis at Daily Yoga:

– Please try to be on time for class

– Please do not eat 2 hours prior to class

– Wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring an extra layer for comfort during relaxation

– Bring a sticky yoga mat (studio mat available to use – $1 for a cleansing wipe)

– Turn off your cell phone

– Do not wear fragrances to class

One of the most basic tenets of yoga is the concept of “ahimsa”: non-violence or non-harming.  This includes not being hard on yourself or having expectations that are “harmful” to you and your practice.

One of the best descriptions of the “sutra” of Ahimsa is from a June, 2011 article on Gaiam TV.  If you are interested, you can read it here.