After many months, a limited number of in-person mat spaces are now available for most classes!


There will be some changes to the way you log on via the Zoom client beginning October 1st. If you do not currently have Zoom on your device, you will need to download it. It’s an excellent program and easy to use.

The biggest change will be that, rather than a link being sent to you every day, one link per class will be sent for an entire quarter (3 months.) The FIRST TIME you log on, you will be asked for your name and email and a 3-digit code – which I will send when the new system is in place. After that, you will be able to use the same link for each class each week (SO – there will be 7 links – one for each day of the week.) That link will change the first Sunday of the next calendar quarter.

This method will ensure that the sessions are private and safe. It should also be more convenient for you. If you cannot locate a link, I am always happy to send it to you again. All you need to do is email me!


Sunday evenings – in person and online – 5:30pm EDT (60 minutes)
Monday and Friday mornings – online only – 6:45am EDT (35 minutes)
Tuesday evenings – in person and online – 6:45pm EDT (NEW TIME!) (60 minutes)
Wednesday evenings – in person and online – 6:00pm EDT (60 minutes)
Thursday mornings – in person and online – 9:00am EDT (60 minutes)
Saturday mornings – in person and on line – 9:30am EDT (75 minutes)

To book an in-person class, click this link and fill in the details. A confirmation email will be sent to you. YOU MUST BOOK YOUR CLASSES EACH WEEK. There are no carry-overs from week-to-week.

You must be fully vaccinated and, although masks are not required during practice, we suggest you wear one coming into and out of the building (for your own safety.)

PLEASE be on time! Since all classes are available to on line practitioners as well as in-person, arrive so that we can begin on time.

Please bring your own mat, block, strap, and water.

If you are afraid of dogs, please let me know. Ella will be “attending” most in-person classes with us.

Donations to help support the studio expenses – rent, utilities, Internet, etc. – may be made via Venmo ro PayPal to

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