Namaste Yogis and Yoginis,

On Tuesday evening, NPR’s popular economics show, Marketplace, aired a piece they recorded with me about my “other” work, Brian’s and my bicycle business.

You can listen to the audio and/or read the transcript here.

The response has been a bit overwhelming and Brian and I are still slogging through the messages, texts, and comments on our respective social media feeds.

Meanwhile, there is yoga business to attend to, so here we go:

KIT ONTKO’S THURSDAY NIGHT CLASS BEGINS TOMORROW EVENING, SEPTEMBER 12TH AT 6:45PM.  If you need more info, please email her: – otherwise… just show up!

UPDATE ON BIRCH CAFE CLE – The new vegan cafe and store that announced it will open in the old Biaggio’s space in our little strip center is now under construction.  Originally, slated to open end-of-October, I’m not sure they will meet that deadline.  I’ll keep you posted!

CARE AND FEEDING OF YOUR YOGA MAT : It’s end of summer (boooo) and as we enter fall and cool down for real, think about giving your yoga mat a thorough cleaning.  The easiest way to do that and really get it clean is to add some dish soap and warm water to the bathtub, use a soft cloth or brush to get some of the oils that have accumulated off the surface, rinse thoroughly, and then let it dry completely.  If you have a Jade mat, remember that it is natural rubber and takes a LONG TIME to dry.  Do not put it in the sun however – dry it in a cool, shaded place.

If your mat is slippery or beginning to wear or crack and you’d like to try a Jade mat – which is what I have been using and recommending for almost 15 years – we do have a demo at the studio.  IF YOU HAVE A LATEX ALLERGY however, you will not be able to use a Jade.

If it’s time to replace your mat (they do eventually wear out and become more slippery and less comfortable – “nothing lasts forever”) we have Jade mats in stock to sell OR we can order a specific thickness, color, and length.  (We need 6 mats to place that order).

HOLIDAY SCHEDULE – I’ve just really started thinking about the holidays and will begin posting class schedules as we get closer to October.  Looking back over past years, the Thanksgiving and Christmas weeks/weekends are often filled with family gatherings and attendance is usually low.  We may
go to a text-for-class system for those weeks.  You can always check the schedule on line.

I believe that’s it for now.  Have a great weekend.  If you can’t make it to class, do a forward fold, a spinal twist, and a balancing pose!