Jade Yoga Mats

I have been using a Jade Mat for almost 10 years and I currently have my travel mat and a professional series.  We also carry the Fusion style.

The Travel mat is the thinnest at 1/4″ thick.  It is available in a variety of colors and two basic lengths – 68″ and 74″.

The Professional (or Harmony) mat also comes in a variety of colors and lengths.   It is 3/16″ thick.

The Fusion mat is the thickest (5/16″), comes in a variety of colors, and is also available in the standard 68″ or extra-long 74″.

As Jade is made with open cell, natural rubber, you can say goodbye to slipping on your practice mat – even if it gets wet with perspiration. Natural rubber has long been used where safety demands non-slip performance. Jade takes advantage of the non-slip properties of natural rubber- resulting in the best slip-resistance on the market.   (CAVEAT: If you have a latex allergy, this mat is not recommended!)

Daily Yoga Studio offers a 10% “studio discount” to students as well as a $5.00 trade-in allowance for your old mat.  All mats that are traded for a new Jade are donated to a variety of non-profit causes.

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