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Diane’s Stem Cell Therapy Blog

Well, as many if not most of you know, I am about to have a cutting edge medical therapy for my right knee.

Stem cell therapy or “regenerative therapy” is not truly new; and, I am confident that this will resolve most of the issues I have with my right knee.  These include: pain, swelling, and an inability to have full range of movement.

More than 16,000 procedures have been performed using the Regenexx method(s) developed by Dr. Christopher Centeno in Broomfield, Colorado.  The Regenexx web site is chock full of great information, statistics, infographics, and more if you’d like to more about regenerative medicine.

I have opted for the procedure to be done in Toledo at the offices of Dr. Roger Kruse (Promedica)

Here is the link to the blog I am writing to document my journey before, during, and after the procedure.

Please check the calendar for the weeks of July 20th and July 27th for any changes in the schedule.